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Recommendations for Movies You Never Knew You Wanted to See

The Hidden Gem Critic

I’m Kevin. I watch a lot of movies. I have some recommendations for movies. I think you might like these movies.


I’m sure a friend or family member has asked you this question at least once in your life: What movie should I watch? Most people suggest one of the last movies they saw. And chances are that last movie was just “O.K.” Some people will suggest one of their all-time personal favorites. Sometimes though the person asking has already seen it if it’s someone else’s all time favorite. But a lot of thought should go into a movie recommendation! What kind of personality does the individual have? Are they going to watch with someone else? What’s the mood going to be? Can they handle a long movie? It all depends. So for every movie recommendation I will make on this blog, I’ll try to make it clear at the end who would enjoy the movie the most and when.

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